Portfolio Management

I don't just manage your assets.

I become one of them.

Is your portfolio at risk?Do you have a plan? Find out!

I offer transparent and accountable portfolio management.  It is transparent in that you have 24×7 access to your accounts and 48-hour liquidity access to your funds.  It is accountable because I trade every asset that our clients trade, thus I know why each and every client is invested as they are.  You have direct access to my trading desk at 312.513.7486.

CB3 Financial offers you these three unique benefits:

Personal Connection

You will be developing a relationship with the actual portfolio manager, not a salesperson.


The majority of our own family wealth is invested in the four CB3 managed programs.


Weekly educational videos & performance commentary reports are offered to all clients and the public via our YouTube channel.

What is Wealth Management?

Watch this video if you want to learn more about wealth management and how it can benefit your family’s net worth growth.